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Introduction - Discharge

The documents you will be asked to do are:


    Police ID or Passport.
    Your Health Insurance Brochure
    In addition, you need to know the AFM, the ROI. That you also come under the AMK. your.

After your introduction or the next working day, you must submit to your Department of Patient Care your insurance booklet, valid for this year. In this office you will be informed about the payment procedures for your hospitalization, depending on your insurance provider and the location of the treatment room you wish.
Foreign nationals must also present a residence permit, an asylum certificate, a refugee card or a green card. Tourists must also provide the European Union card or their private insurance.


Leaving the hospital (after hospitalization), you should not forget the following:

Medical booklet
Proof of your account (if there are any financial obligations)
Proof of the exclusive nurse (if you used)
Certification of "use of services" by an exclusive nurse (if you have used it), signed by the Director of the Clinic you have been hospitalized and certified by the Administrative Director
Personal items

The attending physician signs the Patient Discharge sheet after termination of treatment. The Discharge Form along with the Booklet is handed over to the Patients' Movement where financial liabilities are settled (if they are not covered by the insurance fund).
Hospitals are reimbursed on the day the patient leaves the hospital, from 8:00 to 14:00, at the hospital's Trust. In the case of Sundays or holidays, payment is made on the previous business day, including Saturdays.

The service voucher (receipt) that you will receive from the Fund upon payment of the bill, keep it for your tax office.